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I’m so happy you found our healthy lifestyle site for young women. Sometimes, being healthy feels complicated. We don’t like complicated. We like simple. My fundamental belief is that healthy is a package of real food, toxin-free beauty products, body-weight fitness, and happy inspiration. In other words, BALANCE.

The journey begins here. In November 2013, I collaborated with some saavy health professionals and talented website people and we spend our days and weeks sharing information on DreaminGreenGirl (DiGG) that can help make being healthy just a little bit easier and a little bit more fun. #smoothiesaturday anyone?

My beliefs: transparency, healthy choices, toxin-free living, and real beauty that’s inside and out.

My mission: Inspire young women to choose healthy every day. It truly adds up to dreams coming true.

Meet our experts and contributors below!


Rebecca Heiberg, CPT

Rebecca Heiberg is a certified ACE personal trainer, as well as carrying yoga, power plate, and VIPR certs. Her passion is to teach others how to be their best self by motivating and inspiring healthy behaviors and nutritious decisions. Doing something to better yourself everyday can be extremely rewarding. Her mission is to spread the good vibes of health and fitness one push-up and sit-up at a time.

Find her on twitter and instagram @trainerbecca

Meredith Dresner

meredith dresner dreamingreengirl.com

Meredith is passionate about inspiring others to embrace a happy and healthy lifestyle. Mer’s Grandma once told her “You only get one body, one life..take care of it and treat it well.” Ever since then, Mer has made it her mission to lead by this example by becoming a certified Zumba Instructor and leading a gluten free lifestyle (She’s had Celiac for 10 years). You could probably find her in the kitchen cooking up gluten free goodies or making something crafty. Meredith really enjoys long walks, green tea, and anything turquoise!

Chef Plum

Born in Richmond, Virginia, and a graduate from The Culinary Institute of America, Chef Plum has over 18 years of experience.  He has been featured on The Food Network, ABC’s The Taste, Ehow.com, Jamie Oliver’s Foodtube, national commercials and many other outlets. Plum has a passion for simple easy farm foods believing that great food does not need gimmicks.

Shauna DelPrete

shauna delprete dreamingreengirl.com
Shauna Del Prete is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Dietitian Nutritionist in the state of New York. She is a Retail Dietitian and health and wellness blogger. Shauna believes we become what we eat. If people eat wholesome foods and practice mindful eating they will be healthy, beautiful, and strong from the inside out!
In Health,
Shauna Del Prete, RDN, CDN

Amy Jayne Chessman

amy jayne chessman dreamingreengirl.com chocolate cherry smoothie
Amy Jayne Chessman is dedicated to
transforming lives with her healthy lifestyle writing.
She loves following her dreams, drinking tea
and climbing mountains.
Join her wellness revolution on disguisedbyzebras.com or
Talk to Amy Jayne directly on

Brenner Ortner

brenna ortner dreamingreengirl.com

Brenna Ortner, is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She became interested in even an even deeper knowledge of the female system and did a year training under New York Times Bestseller, Harvard & MIT trained, Dr. Sara Gottfried, to specialize in female hormonal balancing.
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