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Glossary of Terms

DreaminGreenGirl’s (DiGG’s) Glossary of Terms

Art of Balance*: Body Burdens out, Wheel of Wellness In. Balance your way to wellness by making choices that lower your body burden. We picture you sitting on the high end of a see saw  – when you fill yourself up with healthy choices you will always have the higher seat: floating, soaring, dreaming your way to wellness.

BEST SELF*: Feeling your strongest, surest, healthiest, happiest self….  If you are not feeling that, we’re here to help you find it NOW!  If you are feeling it, then join our community and share your secrets!

Body Burden*: The amount of chemicals present in a human’s or animal’s body, typically a radioactive element or other toxic substance. Over time, these substances build up in our organs, cells, and muscles and can lead to tiredness, low energy, sickness and disease. Here at DiGG, we focus on the toxins we can control, the ones that require subtle changes in our everyday choices. The Wheel of Wellness (WOW) makes this simple.

Date Night*: Ladies night out, or very special occasions (say your wedding day):  our dream is to help you find personal care products that carry you through any major event in your life, but if there are certain products that are too hard to give up forever, then we suggest saving them for those nights when there will be a photographic record of every move you make.

DiGG Seal of Approval: This seal certifies that a product or lifestyle choice is low on the body burden spectrum. Look for this seal throughout our site as an easy way to find a clean product.

DiGG’s Top 20 Toxin Chart: culled from the wisdom of persons who have dabbled in this enterprise of toxin-free living thoroughly and responsibly.  Females are up against quite the battle when it comes to toxins in personal care products and by minimizing our application and ingestion of the toxins on this Top 20 list, you are creating a healthier way to live. These resources, along with our wheel, help make healthy living possible.

Dis-Ease*: a state of being that directly contradicts living with ease.

Dreamin Green Girl*: A girl of any age who not only dreams of healthy living but does something every day to achieve it, specifically taking steps to lower her Body Burden.

Green Girl Adventure*: The do-able, practical, inspiring journey centered around the Wheel of Wellness*.

Magic Wizard*: A wise being who takes away all of your troubles and makes chemicals, toxins and body burdens magically go away forever. With a wave of the magic wand, the Magic Wizard* makes all of your beauty products to be safe and effective. Fictitious yes, however DiGG comes close to being magical—we DiGG deep and help you FIND products that will help lower your Body Burden*!

Organic Fitness*: Exercises using your own body weight, your own breath, any time anywhere. No equipment needed.

Wheel of Wellness*: DiGG’s unique concept using the 4 categories of healthy living: WHOLE FOOD, ORGANIC FITNESS, DREAMY INSPIRATION, TOXIN-FREE BEAUTY.  The Wheel of Wellness* helps create positive habits which ultimately lowers our Body Burden*.

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